Take Action

Take Action

Time to empty your suitcase!


Let's Take Action!

You've been filling your suitcase with dollars and coins - money that represents your creativity, ambition, and most of all, your love and care for the people of India!

Today, it's time to empty that suitcase!

Add up the coins and dollars your family has collected during My Passport to India, and make a gift in that amount:

  • Give instantly and securely online now with your credit/debit card
  • Give over the phone by calling Mission India at 1-877-644-6342
  • Give through the mail (check or credit/debit card) with the pre-paid envelope included in your Welcome Kit
  • Don't have a prepaid envelope? You can mail a check to:

    Mission India
    PO Box 141312
    Grand Rapids, MI 49514-1312
    (Please write "Passport" on the memo line)

Each $1 you give will send an Indian boy or girl to Children's Bible Club!

Then remember to stamp the very last page of your passport!

Please don't send us your loose change! The suitcase is yours to keep.


Children's Bible Clubs

Throughout My Passport to India, you've been learning about life in India.

Chris introduced you to many people - including lots of kids - who are meeting Jesus for the first time!

But there are still millions who have never even heard of Him!

Today, you have an opportunity to do something about that!

You can give the gift of a Children's Bible Club to boys and girls in India who are waiting to learn about Jesus. This is an incredible, effective way to share the Gospel in India!

In case you've missed it, here's how Children's Bible Clubs work:

Mission India trains and equip India's Christians to introduce a Children's Bible Club in their own community. Each $1 enrolls another child - $40 provides the club experience for 40 kids.

Bible Club curriculum materials are developed by Indians for Indians and are available in India's major languages.

Children's Bible Clubs:

  • Introduce boys and girls to a loving God who created each child in His image
  • Teach Bible stories and songs
  • Provide a safe place to play and just be a kid
  • Teach youngsters to share their faith with friends and family
  • Encourage good nutrition & hygiene
  • Inspire children to serve their communities and become future leaders

Throughout My Passport to India, you've been filling your family suitcase with coins and dollars for Children's Bible Clubs. Now it's time to put those coins into action!

  • Each $1 you give can change a life in India!

Add up the coins and dollars in your family suitcase. Make a gift to Mission India in that amount online or with a check in the mail.

Then put your last stamp in your passport!


Why India?

People often ask why Mission India focuses on just one country: "Why India?"

We like to answer that question by showing them this map! The red dots represent people groups who have not yet heard the Gospel.

If we want to see the Great Commission accomplished in our lifetime, India is where we need to be!

There are more unreached people groups in this nation of nations than any other place in the world.

And when you consider that over 1 BILLION people in India don't follow Jesus - and that this nation is more responsive to the Gospel than ever before in history ...

... it becomes clear that God's time for India is now.

You are part of something BIG happening in our world today. As your family has been saving your loose change and dollars during your My Passport to India adventure, you are having an impact right where God wants you to be! And in the place that needs it the most!

You're helping change lives in India - and transform entire families! - as boys and girls hear about Jesus through Children's Bible Clubs. We pray that your life will be forever changed, too - that the people of India will continue to capture the hearts of your family in the future!

Map source: International Mission Board, 2010


Kamir's Story

My name is Kamir.

I live in a slum in Rajasthan, and I'm from a low caste family. I have five sisters and one brother - and my parents couldn't afford to send all of us to school.

So, when Mom and Dad said I could go to school, I was very happy!

But my happiness didn't last long. At school, my teachers looked down on me because I'm from a low caste. They didn't pay attention to my school work, and they even told me I should stop studying in school.

But the worst day was when the teachers insulted me in front of everyone - including my friends. They said, "Kamir is an untouchable" - and they warned the other children to stay away from me.

I was embarrassed and frustrated. Finally, I decided I would rather quit school than be ridiculed all the time. So, I dropped out of school and ended up working as a rag picker.

As I walked along the filthy roads, I picked up old rags. Then, I sold the rags for a little money to help support my family. Sometimes I cried. I knew that I would be doing this dreary work for my whole life - there was no point in dreaming of something better.

Then, one day, I saw some boys and girls having fun in a Children's Bible Club. I snuck in the back and listened to the stories. The Club teacher noticed me, and she was very kind. She encouraged me to keep coming to the Club, so I did.

I was amazed to learn that God loves all people equally - no matter if you are from a low or high caste or if you are rich or poor.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I forgave the teachers who were mean to me. I stopped worshipping idols, and I now pray to the living God.

Through the Club, I became more confident. I went back to school. My family knows that I believe in Jesus, and they do not oppose me. But they still pray to idols. Please pray that my whole family comes to know Jesus.

Note: You can learn more about India's caste system in the Day 4 bonus content.


Moms & Dads

Your kids have already shown a heart for India - now you can help keep them engaged in transforming their world for Christ!

If your kids participated in My Passport to India with a school or church group, by registering for future updates from Mission India you can keep them excited about the impact they are having in India.

You'll enjoy future video episodes with Chris in India, hear stories from kids in India who have been impacted by Children's Bible Clubs, get prayer requests from India, and be among the first to hear the latest news on Chris, Justin, and My Passport to India!

Please note: Filling out the form below will NOT register your family to receive a Welcome Kit. That form is located here. This form will keep your family informed of future videos, reports, and updates from Mission India.


Fill your suitcase

Here are some ideas from other My Passport to India families on how to get started filling your suitcase with loose change to send more of India's kids to Children's Bible Clubs! Remember, each $1 you give will allow another boy or girl to attend a Bible Club in their own community.

"My 7 year old daughter is making handmade greeting cards to sell to raise money for Indian children to go to the Bible Club."

"I make handmade jewelry and donated a portion of my proceeds from a recent sale I had."

  • "We've been taking some clothing the kids have outgrown to a local resale shop. Our plan is to put the money we earn from those sales into our Mission India suitcase."

"Each week, as I am preparing the grocery shopping list, I go over the things I am buying especially for the kids - juice boxes, fruit snacks, etc. They choose an item (or items) they are willing to give up for a week to put the same amount of money in their Mission India suitcase. It's a small scale sacrifice, but every time they go to the fridge or pantry, they see what's missing and remember that lives may be changed for eternity through their gifts."

"We decided that at any meal if a family member drank water instead of the other beverages offered (iced tea, juice or milk) we would put a quarter in our box. How could we not sacrifice something so small for those needing the Gospel in India?"

"My boys' Sunday school class just held a bake sale outside a local grocery store today to raise money for My Passport to India and earned $368! The kids and adults alike were thrilled."

"My daughters (6, 8, 10) are using my Cricut to make gift tags for Christmas gifts. All sizes and many Christmas colors, some with printed papers, using punches, etc. They are selling them for 25 cents each or 5 for $1."

  • "[Our homeschool group] gathered with about 7 dozen muffins and cupcakes to sell for $1.00 each - each one to send 1 child in India to Bible Club."

"My girls filled the suitcase all by themselves, doing extra chores for their grandparents and even giving money from the tooth fairy. We learned a lot about India and had fun!"

Share your story

How is your family using My Passport to India? What ideas do you have about raising loose change to fill your suitcase for Children's Bible Clubs? We invite you to email your photos, stories, and ideas to us at mpti@missionindia.org.

Kids - we want to hear from you, too! Tell us what you've learned so far, or share your prayer for the boys and girls of India. Include your first name and age and, if you'd like, your state or country.

(By sharing your stories and photos you give Mission India permission to publish this information on our website and/or in other print materials.)