Day 8 Hinduism 101

Family Devotions

Where is God?

Today's memory verse: "The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands." (Acts 17:24)

Imagine you had a shoebox under your bed and you could put a god in the box.

It would be kind of nice to take this god out when you were afraid. But then you could also put it back under the bed when you were about to do something bad that you did not want it to see.

Because it seems goofy to have an empty shoebox, you could put something in there that looks like god. And to make this god happy, you could put some food in the shoebox every morning, or maybe some flowers. Does that sound silly?

Some people make images of their god and then build a really big box to put it in. The image is called an idol and the box is a temple.

Read Acts 17:16-31. Does this sound like India? Why does the Bible say this is not how the Lord wants us to look at Him?

Go to the kitchen and get a piece of bread. Have you ever torn off the crust and mushed the soft bread into dough? Try it with half a slice of bread ... only half a slice. Shape that half into a little dough fish, and eat the other half of the bread. Can you imagine calling that fish made of dough your god while you are eating the other half of the slice?

Read together Isaiah 44:13-22. Instead of bread dough, Isaiah is talking about a piece of wood.

  • There is no THING like our God
  • There is no PLACE big enough to be His dwelling

But we should not think that the Lord so big or so distant that He lives far away in heaven and stays out of our daily lives. Talk about it as a family: Where is God? What are some of the ways He shows Himself to us today? Talk about the differences in how you would relate to a god you can put in a box and the Lord of heaven and earth. Why are you thankful to be a follower of Jesus?