Day 8 Hinduism 101

Chris' Journal

India: Day Eight

Today we visited the Hindu temple. I'm not going to lie - this was the most troubling part of my entire India trip.

Seeing people bow before statues, giving their hearts, minds and lives to elephants and idols - it's really disturbed me. To know the salvation of God and to see so many in spiritual darkness; it truly makes me want to take action. I am praying this video project inspires many more people to feel the same way.

Outside of the Hindu temple, our cameramen were getting different shots of the temple and a woman began to loudly scream at the top of her lungs. I asked what was going on - and the Indian cameraman told me that this woman was inviting the Hindu "gods" into her ... but in actuality she is opening herself up to the demonic. It is not "gods" that are entering in - but demons; and these demons are making her scream. Truly, this is nothing to play around with.

Demons are real, and they are active here. So many people are in darkness. My heart goes out to them...

Against that darkness, the light of the Gospel in India shines even brighter.

My heart was heavy after visiting the temple, but the Lord really encouraged me when I met Guna,* the former Hindu priest who is now a believer.

Guna's story is pretty inspirational. His wife was visited by the local church planter being trained by Mission India. He asked to pray with her and made frequent visits.

During this time, Guna became extremely ill and his body was covered with painful boils. He prayed and prayed to his Hindu gods - but to no avail. Guna's wife asked him to try and pray to the church planter's God - Jesus. Guna did. The next day his boils burst and he began to heal.

This certainly made Guna more interested in hearing about Jesus!

Guna was working as an assistant to the main priest of the village. One day this priest gave him a pretty unusual task. He handed Guna 100 bottles and said that he had trapped 100 demons in the bottles. He gave Guna a shovel and told him to bury the bottles.

Guna took the bottles to a distant field and then thought to himself, "If Jesus is the real God as the church planter says ... and if Jesus can heal disease and is over everything ... then I can break this bottle and Jesus will protect me."

Guna broke a bottle ... and nothing happened. Then he broke another ... then another. He broke all 100 bottles and nothing happened.

That day, Guna believed in Jesus. He confessed Christ as his Savior, left the Hindu priesthood, and followed Jesus.

Guna's income is now down by 75%. He and his family have been threatened with violence. In his own village, Guna is a hated man. But he is filled with the joy of Jesus and would never turn his back on Christ.

It makes you think - in America our confession of Christ rarely costs us so dearly ...but Guna's did. And Guna is amazingly joyful. I won't ever forget him.

*We have changed Guna's name to protect his safety.