Day 7 Bumps in the Night

Chris' Journal

India: Day Seven

It's truly eye-opening to see the poverty in India. I am a middle class American - and I am ashamed of all the times that I have complained about what I have.

When I see the joy on the faces of India's believers - and many have no electricity, do back-breaking work all day for a little over one dollar, and experience daily struggles that are nothing in comparison to mine - it truly is humbling.

The highlight of my day was experiencing a children's worship service. The readings, the sermon, the tithes, the prayers - all done by children. My guess is that not one of them was over the age of 15 or 16. Again, I am truly humbled by their dedication and sacrifice. They don't think they have to wait to grow up before they can serve the Lord - He can use them today!

I think about what our average 15 or 16 year old is interested in - and here are these children spending hours worshipping and giving of their time to the Lord. Amazing...

I asked the kids about their favorite things to do, and instead of telling me ... they showed me! They took me to a field outside the village and we played cricket - what a blast! I whiffed many times! [But in truth we all did.] But we also got a few hits as well and shared a lot of laughter. I even had a chance to pitch!

And this is what I mean - in the midst of this poverty, every single child had a smile on their faces. It is amazing!

I couldn't sleep last night ... and it wasn't just the strangeness of staying in the village. I can't stop thinking about the spiritual darkness I see everywhere. Many of the villagers are still in the grasp of idol worship and rituals. India's people are very spiritually minded, and it's obvious that they are seeking. But their eyes are closed to the truth of Christ.

Yet, I am praying that through the children, the true Light of Jesus Christ will be shown here and many eyes will be opened!