Day 6: “We Lived Like Blind People”

Literacy Primer

What are the literacy students learning?

Learners in Mission India's literacy classes start their year-long program learning simple letters and numbers. As they meet each night for 52 weeks, they progress to reading simple sentences and then entire stories!

You can see the literacy lessons for yourself! Click on the thumbnail pictures on the right to open PDFs of a lesson in English and Hindi.

Activity: Bible scavenger hunt

Do you see the proverbs or Bible-based sayings that are on the bottom of the lesson pages? Each saying gives literacy students a word picture of how God wants us to live. The class materials are like a road map, showing students the path that leads to success and a better life.

We know that the Bible is our real road map!

The Scriptures tell us about the Good News of Jesus Christ and the eternal home He is preparing for us. The Bible's pages are also full of wisdom on how to live well and be successful here on earth.

So, let's go on a scavenger hunt in the Bible to find out what God has to tell us!

  • Print the English literacy class lessons.
  • Grab your Bible and/or concordance and look for the verse that matches up with the saying at the bottom of each page. Some of these are easier than others!
  • You can work on your own or even make teams to see who can come up with the answers first.
  • Parents of younger students: you may want to look up the verses yourself and make a set of cards to play this as a matching game.

How did you do? Did you find them all? Click here for the answers.

Take it a step further:

These are just a few of the hundreds of verses in the Bible that will guide you in living a life that is wise and pleasing to God. Do another Bible scavenger hunt, looking for one to two verses on these topics: Wisdom, Honesty, Contentment, Anger, Patience, and Hard Work (Hint: the book of Proverbs is a great place to start!).