Day 5: The Real India

Deepak's Story

My name is Deepak.

I am 9 years old, and I live in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

My father is a Hindu priest. As long as I can remember, my father led the whole family - my mom, my 12-year-old sister, and me - in worship of a Hindu god. As a family, we also often brought flower offerings to the Hindu god. We believed this would protect us from harm.

One day, my sister and I went with friends to a Children's Bible Club in our neighborhood. The songs, stories, and games at the Club were so much fun! I was excited to go back to the Club every day. And each day, I learned more about the one true God.

Miss Yuli, the Club leader, told us about the love of God and how Jesus died on the cross to save us. Hearing about how Jesus sacrificed Himself to save me really touched my heart. Jesus was so different from Hindu gods - Jesus gave His life to save all humans!

I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, and so did my big sister! I learned to pray to Jesus for my needs. I prayed for the children who attended the Club with me.

Soon, my sister and I told my parents about our belief in Jesus. At first, my parents were shocked. My father said, "No, Deepak. You cannot believe in Jesus. It is important to follow the customs of Hinduism and caste."

My mother also tried to convince us to change our minds, but my sister and I did not. I told my parents about the love of Jesus Christ. Finally, my mom and dad decided that it was okay for us to have faith in Jesus.

Today, I tell my friends about Jesus.

I regularly attend church with my sister, and we are both learning so much about Jesus.

Please pray with me that my parents will want to have Jesus in their hearts, too.