Day 2: Into the Slum

Children's Bible Clubs

Did you know...?

There are over 358 million kids in India under the age of 15. This map shows you the world's countries based on the number of children 14 and younger. Look at India!

It's not easy growing up in India:

  • Child marriage is common
  • Many children must work to support their families
  • 35% of school-aged children are not enrolled in school
  • Children born into the lowest levels of India's caste system are taught that they are less than human
  • Illiteracy is passed down from generation to generation
  • Girls are considered a burden because families must pay a huge marriage dowry

India's children need the Gospel's message of hope:
Children's Bible Clubs are bringing this hope to millions of boys and girls across India each year!

When you support a Bible Club, you are helping provide in-depth training for local volunteer club leaders and materials in 5 age levels and 22 Indian languages. It costs just $1 to send a boy or girl to a local Bible Club.

Children's Bible Clubs are introduced in a community through a 10-day program. If you walked into a Bible Club today, you would see children:

  • Laughing & playing skits and games
  • Singing "action" worship songs
  • Listening to Bible stories
  • Hiding God's Word in their hearts through memory verses
  • Sharing their needs and gathering in prayer to Jesus
  • Telling the ways Jesus has changed their lives!
In Children's Bible Clubs, boys and girls hear stories about missionaries working in their own nation. Click here to read the story of Esther Subhashini.

Kids aren't the only ones who enjoy Children's Bible Clubs - often moms and dads show up at the club, too! They get curious when they see their sons and daughters behaving better at home, speaking respectfully, and trying harder at their schoolwork. And they want to know more about the Jesus their children are always talking about!

Many children in Children's Bible Clubs make a decision to follow Jesus. And these children are bringing their parents to Christ! Every year, new churches grow out of Children's Bible Clubs.

Jeevan's story

My name is Jeevan. I live in Kerala, a state in south India along the Arabian Sea.

I was just 7 years old when my parents both died because of an accident with fire.

My sister and I were playing outside when it happened. I still remember the sound of their screaming. We came rushing inside the house and when the neighbors noticed the smoke pouring out of our front door, they ran over to help. They quickly put out the fire and took my parents to a hospital. But, within a day, both Mom and Dad passed away.

My uncle gave me and my sister a place to live, but I often had nightmares about the day my parents died. Years passed by, and every night the bad dreams returned. I was completely terrified that I was going to die too.

Then, I met a Mission India church planter when I was 15 years old. He shared the Gospel with me. I listened with interest because he spoke about how Jesus frees us from fear. Soon, I knew I needed Jesus in my life. I confessed my sins to Jesus and put my faith in Him.

I don't have those bad dreams anymore, and I can sleep well. I know that I am never alone because Jesus is with me. My heart is filled with great peace. I have no more fear.

The entire neighborhood has noticed the change in me! Now, I read the Bible, and it brings me great comfort.

This summer, I volunteered as a leader at the Children's Bible Club in my neighborhood. I also shared my testimony with Kimala, one of my good friends from school. I gave Kimala a New Testament to read, and she even came to the Children's Bible Club. Today, Kimala is following Jesus too!

Please pray for me as I share about Jesus with the boys and girls who come to the Children's Bible Club. And pray that they will know the same joy and freedom from fear that Jesus has given me.