Day 3: One in a Billion

Nation of Nations

One in six people on the planet lives in India.

  • A nation of 1.1 billion people.
  • The fastest growing country on earth. By 2025 India will pass China as the nation with the largest population in the world.
  • Home to over 2,500 distinct people groups.
  • Over 1,600 languages and dialects are spoken across India.

Did you know that India is divided into states, just like America?

India has 28 states and 7 union territories. Each state has its own government and capital. Each region of India has a distinct culture, with an incredible diversity in clothing, food, language, and customs!

Over 166 million people live in Uttar Pradesh, the state with the highest population. That's like squeezing more than half of the United States population into a state about the size of Minnesota!

Common Hindi words:

  • India - Bharat
  • hello - namaste
  • thank you - Shukhriya
  • October - aktubar
  • father - pitaji
  • mother - maa
  • boy - ladka
  • girl - ladki
  • house - ghar
  • rain - varsha
  • river - nadi
Click here for printable worksheets of basic
Hindi letters and numbers
Click here for a map of India's states that you can print and color

Many of India's state boundaries are defined by regional languages. For example, Tamil is the most common language spoken in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. In Punjab, in north India, most people speak the Punjabi language.

Hindi is India's official language and, along with English, is widely spoken in urban areas.

With over 1,600 languages and dialects spoken across India, it is not uncommon for people from different regions of the country to be unable to speak with each other!

When you travel across India, it is truly like traveling through many small, diverse nations!

Activity Idea:

Print the map of India provided above. As you read the stories of children in each episode's bonus content, label the map with the children's names on the state where they live.

  • As you go through My Passport to India, keep adding names and hang up your map in a place where it will remind you to pray daily for these boys and girls!