Day 2: Into the Slum

Life in a Slum

Millions of Indians live in slums.

Over 42 million Indians live in extremely poor, crowded urban neighborhoods called slums. Many of these families live in tents or shacks, while others must sleep on sidewalks along busy streets or in alleys.

Most families don't have toilets or clean drinking water. The electricity only works for an hour or two each day. Moms and dads can't afford to take their kids to the doctor if they are sick.

Often people living in rural villages move to the city hoping to earn more money and make a better life for their family. Many of these migrant workers end up living in temporary shelters in slums.

Today you visited a slum in Mumbai with Chris.

Mumbai is the second largest city in the world! An estimated 14 million people live in this city on the west coast of India.

Mumbai is also considered the richest city in India. Many global companies have offices in Mumbai, and it is the heart of India's financial industry. Also, Bollywood the world's largest film industry, is centered in Mumbai.

  • Yet at least half of Mumbai's 14 million people live in slums.
  • One of these slums is called Dharavi. It is the biggest slum in Asia - over 1 million people are crammed into less than 1 square mile!
Talk about it: What would your life be like if your family lived in a slum?