Day 3: One in a Billion

Chris' Journal

India: Day Three

Today we took a train!

There are two amazing experiences that I want to share. The first has to do with India's hospitality.

On the train, Josh (our director) was telling me about the incredible hospitality of Indians. He dared me to ask the woman next to us if she would house our group for the night - there were seven of us including the three cameramen, my wife, Justin, Josh, and me.

I told her (through Justin's translation) that we didn't have a place to stay in Madurai, and asked if we could stay with her that night. She immediately beamed with a smile and said, "Yes, absolutely!" (Here's her picture - don't you love her smile?! And no, we didn't really stay with her!)

India's hospitality is truly amazing. People here will bend over backwards for you.

Later in the day I stepped in some cow manure - kinda hard to avoid around here, since cows are considered sacred by Hindus and are allowed to wander literally everywhere. The stench was overpowering in the van, so I asked the driver to stop so I could get out and clean it off.

A Muslim man on the side of the road saw my struggle, and he brought over a towel and a bucket of water to help me clean off my shoe. I didn't ask. I didn't even look to him to help - simply out of a heart to help, he helped.

This is the real India - filled with incredible poverty, but also home to the greatest hospitality I can find. It's incredible!

The other cool thing we did today was visit a village where a Children's Bible Club was taking place. I sang songs, I heard Scripture readings, and I was just overwhelmed by the joy I saw in the kids' faces.

In fact, the entire village has been impacted by what's happening here. Not only were there moms and dads standing in the back, listening to the stories and songs, but Justin pointed out other adults watching in the crowd who don't have any kids in the Bible Club. This is one of the special ways that God is using India's kids to capture the hearts of grownups!

I am struck by the dedication of both the Club leader and the children. They meet every single day, they hear Bible stories, and they memorize Scripture. I truly wish more of us in the U.S. were as dedicated as these boys and girls are... something to think about.