Day 1: Come Along!

Lamal's Story

My name is Lamal, and I live in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

My dad is a rickshaw puller. My mom left when I was young, so he has to take care of us all alone. He works hard to provide for me and my two brothers.

Before sunrise each morning, Dad cooks us some food, then he goes straight to work. No matter if it is hot, rainy, or cold, Dad never misses a single day!

Dad rents his rickshaw, so some of the money he earns every day has to be given to the rickshaw's owner.

Someday, Dad hopes he'll earn enough money to send all three of us kids to school.

After Dad leaves for work in the morning, my brothers and I play with other kids on the streets. I had fun jumping and playing in the deep heap of smelly garbage on the side of the road. I even collected junk from the garbage and sold it at the scrap shop to earn a little money. Sometimes we stole stuff when no one was looking.

One day, a nice lady from our area noticed us playing in the garbage. She was shocked at how dirty we were. Our faces were smeared with slimy mud and rotten garbage.

The lady was nice to us even though we smelled bad. She invited us to a Children's Bible Club. She said there would be games and a snack and other kids to play with. We were so excited!

We wanted the lady and the other kids to like us, so we did our best to dress neatly the next day when we went to the Club. The Club leader let us pick where we wanted to sit, and she taught us how to be clean and have good manners. We take baths now, and my brothers and I always come to the Club on time.

I learned how to pray, recite memory verses, and sing worship songs. I really love listening to the stories about Jesus - that is one of my favorite parts about the Club!

NOTE: Lamal and his siblings are continuing to learn about Jesus, but they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior yet. Will you pray for them?