Day 5: The Real India

Chris' Journal

India: Day Five

Today was an eye-opening day! I went shopping, got my very first kurta, and experienced the "real" India.

I even took a ride on a bicycle rickshaw - a vehicle where someone pedals the bike and I ride in the carriage in the back. I felt really sorry for the guy driving, because, as you can see...I'm not all that small. I actually broke the little metal step getting into the thing! Sheesh!

I was able to shop in the bazaar and buy some groceries from the market. To shop like Indians shop was exciting!

But I will say this - shopping in India makes me appreciate what I have in America: clean produce, clean aisles, and no worries about poor quality food. In India, I couldn't be assured of any of that. It really makes me thankful.

I saw other things about the "real" India that troubled me. Everywhere I went, I was face-to-face with extreme poverty. Entire families were living on the sidewalks - I saw moms washing clothes and kids getting ready for school. This is normal life for them.

And the Hindu devotion to idols was obvious everywhere.

Hindus don't just worship their gods in big temples - sometimes a shrine is under a random tree or even in the middle of the street! Everyone just drives around it.

I can tell India's people are searching, looking for truth. But until they know Jesus, they haven't found it...

I can't shake the feeling of how utterly lost I felt when Justin asked me if I could find my way back to the hotel by myself. The words on signs were just squiggles to me! I don't know how I could live my life if I couldn't read.

I can't wait to see what Justin has in store for me tomorrow!