Thank you from Chris

Dear Friends,

My trip to India was a life-changing experience - but so was following along with My Passport to India over the past few weeks!

Over the past few weeks, we've discovered so much about India, and seen God deepen our love for this amazing nation. I'm so thankful we could take this journey together!

I am excited about how God is working in India, and ALSO about what He has been doing in your own homes! The stories you've shared with me and Mission India have been fantastic! Over these past few weeks it's become so clear to all of us that God is working in a really special way in your families through this program.

God is using My Passport to India to impact the lives of your kids! And your kids responded!

Your children have displayed incredible excitement, creativity and passion - and they have been the key to this project's success. And I want them to know - and Mission India wants them to know - just how much they inspire us!

Thank you!