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Kamir's Story

My name is Kamir.

I live in a slum in Rajasthan, and I'm from a low caste family. I have five sisters and one brother - and my parents couldn't afford to send all of us to school.

So, when Mom and Dad said I could go to school, I was very happy!

But my happiness didn't last long. At school, my teachers looked down on me because I'm from a low caste. They didn't pay attention to my school work, and they even told me I should stop studying in school.

But the worst day was when the teachers insulted me in front of everyone - including my friends. They said, "Kamir is an untouchable" - and they warned the other children to stay away from me.

I was embarrassed and frustrated. Finally, I decided I would rather quit school than be ridiculed all the time. So, I dropped out of school and ended up working as a rag picker.

As I walked along the filthy roads, I picked up old rags. Then, I sold the rags for a little money to help support my family. Sometimes I cried. I knew that I would be doing this dreary work for my whole life - there was no point in dreaming of something better.

Then, one day, I saw some boys and girls having fun in a Children's Bible Club. I snuck in the back and listened to the stories. The Club teacher noticed me, and she was very kind. She encouraged me to keep coming to the Club, so I did.

I was amazed to learn that God loves all people equally - no matter if you are from a low or high caste or if you are rich or poor.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I forgave the teachers who were mean to me. I stopped worshipping idols, and I now pray to the living God.

Through the Club, I became more confident. I went back to school. My family knows that I believe in Jesus, and they do not oppose me. But they still pray to idols. Please pray that my whole family comes to know Jesus.

Note: You can learn more about India's caste system in the Day 4 bonus content.