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Why India?

People often ask why Mission India focuses on just one country: "Why India?"

We like to answer that question by showing them this map! The red dots represent people groups who have not yet heard the Gospel.

If we want to see the Great Commission accomplished in our lifetime, India is where we need to be!

There are more unreached people groups in this nation of nations than any other place in the world.

And when you consider that over 1 BILLION people in India don't follow Jesus - and that this nation is more responsive to the Gospel than ever before in history ...

... it becomes clear that God's time for India is now.

You are part of something BIG happening in our world today. As your family has been saving your loose change and dollars during your My Passport to India adventure, you are having an impact right where God wants you to be! And in the place that needs it the most!

You're helping change lives in India - and transform entire families! - as boys and girls hear about Jesus through Children's Bible Clubs. We pray that your life will be forever changed, too - that the people of India will continue to capture the hearts of your family in the future!

Map source: International Mission Board, 2010