Day 10 Saying Goodbye

Prabhu's Story

Each $1 you give for a Children's Bible Club will reach another boy or girl in India with the Gospel. And in India, God multiplies your $1 to impact even more people, as this story from India shows. First, check out "The Chicken and the Egg" on the left, then read Prabhu's story...

The Chicken and the Egg

How do you reach a nation of over 1 billion people with the Gospel?

By planting new churches that ... plant new churches! And you equip new believers to share the Good News with their family and friends.

Ron, a Mission India staff member who works closely with our ministry staff in India, shares this great story that illustrates how God multiplies our efforts "immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine..." (Ephesians 3:20).

"Last visit to India, we ran over a chicken. We were not driving particularly fast, but the chicken just picked the wrong time to cross the road.

Because it was a rural area, and because chickens make a really loud noise when hit, we stopped to settle accounts.

I know that in the marketplace, a plucked and dressed chicken costs about 150 rupees - around $3. So I asked the gathering crowd how I could find and compensate the owner. They formed a little circle around the still flopping bird, and shook their heads...

"Oh, the eggs," one said. "Yes, all the eggs," said another. "And some of them would have hatched," said a third.

Apparently I was not going to get away with paying only for one dead hen, but had to consider all the eggs and future chicks this bird would have produced.

The same spiritual multiplication is taking place in India. New churches do not rest, they reproduce. New believers share Christ with their neighbors. "Yes, all the eggs..."

New churches plant a "daughter churches" in a neighboring village. "And some of them would have hatched..."

God has opened a window of opportunity in India. People who do not know Christ are more open than at any time in modern history. National Christians want to be trained to plant churches in every one of the 600,000 towns and villages of this nation of 1.1 billion people.

To make this happen, we need to start the multiplication process in as many villages as possible, as soon as possible. The cost of holding back is not one missed opportunity, but all the future workers and churches that could be produced.

Oh, about that dead chicken... the only solution was to go into the market and buy another live bird."

It all starts with one: Prabhu's story

Prabhu grew up in north India, a comfortable life, the son of landowners. Following in the footsteps of his parents, he worshipped a variety of idols.

In 2001, Prabhu moved to New Delhi to go to college. It was there that he tagged along with a friend to a Children's Bible Club (CBC).

This skinny, 19-year-old kid stood in the back and watched all these kids worshipping God. A week later, Prabhu gave his heart to Jesus.

When his parents found out, they disowned him. They stopped sending him money for school. He had to drop out of college. His landlord evicted him and confiscated his possessions. But this didn't stop him.

So he began volunteering as a Bible Club leader, and did it again the next year. And the next.

Don't look now, but we've found ourselves a chicken.

In 2004, Prabhu started his own ministry in his neighborhood. He found himself with a pool of 20 or 30 leaders ... they all came out of CBCs...and so he took on 80 clubs. He reached 3,000 children that year. Then he took on 5 Adult Literacy classes. 150 students!

Our chicken is laying eggs.

This went on for the next few years... hundreds more CBCs, dozens of literacy classes. Before long, Prabhu counted 85 Club children that had now gone on to LEAD their own Clubs. And his literacy classes were turning into churches. His ministry was multiplying.

Look at all the eggs!

Into one of those literacy classes came a young girl, Nayana.

God's multiplication continues: Nayana's story

Nayana had failed out of school, so when her parents discovered that a free literacy class was starting in their neighborhood, they enrolled her.

Nayana graduated from the program a year later, a new believer, and used her certificate to rejoin a formal school and eventually go to college.

Over the next several years, Nayana began leading Children's Bible Clubs and even went on to teach an Adult Literacy Class.

Some of the eggs just hatched.

We've seen the impact of one young man, the hundreds of new Christian leaders he has trained, and we've even met one of these new leaders. But if this is a story of multiplication, it doesn't stop there.

Prabhu started training other CBC leaders...working on behalf of Mission India as one of our "Master Trainers" Bible Club leaders for other ministry partners! And through his own ministry more than 50 churches have been planted. Hundreds of new young Christian leaders have been raised up. We're talking about incredible spiritual impact across thousands of lives. And Prabhu is just 28 years old.

The chicken's chickens are laying eggs.

And the multiplication keeps going: Asmita's story

Asmita is 17. Two years ago, she found herself standing outside one of Nayana's Bible Clubs. Nayana noticed her in the doorway and invited her to join in. In time, Asmita gave her life to Christ in that club. She brought her brother and several friends to Jesus.

Last year, Asmita was baptized. A short time later, she began leading her own CBC. This year, she started teaching one of Mission India's literacy classes.

All of this started with one improbable young man - a 19-year-old Hindu boy disowned by his family - and God has turned it into something so big we can hardly get our heads around it.

Prabhu, and Nayana, and Asmita... They understand how multiplication works. In fact, Asmita's favorite Bible passage is the story of the Widow's oil from 2 Kings 4. That's a story of multiplication, too.

And this story isn't finished. In fact, it's just getting started! Do you wonder which of the children your $1 sends to a Children's Bible Club will go on to be the next Asmita? The next Nayana? The next Prabhu?

How will India be Transformed by Christ? You've just seen it!

One chicken ... and the eggs ... and the chickens ... and the eggs ... at a time.