Day 10 Saying Goodbye

Let's Take Action!

You've been filling your suitcase with dollars and coins - money that represents your creativity, ambition, and most of all, your love and care for the people of India!

Today, it's time to empty that suitcase!

Add up the coins and dollars your family has collected during My Passport to India, and make a gift in that amount:

  • Give instantly and securely online now with your credit/debit card
  • Give over the phone by calling Mission India at 1-877-644-6342
  • Give through the mail (check or credit/debit card) with the pre-paid envelope included in your Welcome Kit
  • Don't have a prepaid envelope? You can mail a check to:

    Mission India
    PO Box 141312
    Grand Rapids, MI 49514-1312
    (Please write "Passport" on the memo line)

Each $1 you give will send an Indian boy or girl to Children's Bible Club!

Then remember to stamp the very last page of your passport!

Please don't send us your loose change! The suitcase is yours to keep.