Day 10 Saying Goodbye

Chris' Journal

India: Day Ten

Our journey is over! I can't believe it!

Justin has become such a wonderful friend and I want to share a little something about him.

This guy works tirelessly for the sake of the Gospel! Justin travels all over India to check in with church planters and Mission India ministry partners, even going into some of India's most remote places!

Justin does this because he is dedicated to seeing churches planted in every community in India. Amazing.

I already miss my Indian friends - each one with a distinct personality. Justin is so unassuming, John is so loving and kind, and our cameraman Jeremy is so driven.

Over this week, spending so much time together, I've grown to love these guys! So has my wife. As we said goodbye to them, my wife Beth began crying. It wasn't about leaving India as much as it was leaving loved ones; and that's what these people have become - true loved ones.

I might be leaving friends behind, but I am also taking something home with me. I am taking home an incredible feeling - a realization - that I can be a part of God's Plan for India! There is much I can do to encourage and equip India's believers to carry out the Great Commission. And you can too! Even from halfway across the world - we can give our prayers ... money ... talents ... the people of India are worth it!

I may be leaving India - but this nation has completely captured my heart.

I feel connected to the body of Christ here in a way that I couldn't have imagined when I first stepped foot off that airplane 10 days ago. God is doing something amazing in India! This journey has opened my eyes to how I can be a part of His work - both today and in the months and years to come.

I can't wait to share with everyone at home about what I have seen and experienced! What about you?