Day 9 Hope for India

Transform India

India is open to the Gospel as never before in history!

During My Passport to India, you've explored India and seen how God is moving in this incredible nation.

One of the most powerful ways He is working is through India's children! As boys and girls come to know Jesus as their Savior through Children's Bible Clubs, they become God's "little evangelists," telling their friends and family the Good News.

These Bible Clubs are not only opening the doors to the Gospel in India, they are also an effective way for our Indian ministry partners to plant new churches in communities.

Our local partners introduce the 10-day Bible Club, and later it often develops into a "junior church," or worship group made up primarily of kids (Chris visited a junior church in Day 7!). Children in the Club continue to be discipled within the local body of Christ.

These small worship groups grow as more parents and adults come to a saving knowledge of Jesus - and new churches are planted! Thousands of new churches are established each year through doors opened by Mission India's Children's Bible Clubs.

Mission India works exclusively with local ministry partners who are committed to the communities they are ministering in. These churches and mission agencies share our vision to see "India Transformed by Christ" - and their passion is planting churches that will grow and plant more churches!

India has over 600,000 villages ...

Many of these communities don't have a church - yet. As you fill your suitcase with loose change for Children's Bible Clubs, you are making it possible for more of Mission India's local partners to bring a Children's Bible Club into neighborhoods that haven't yet heard about Jesus!

Remember, it takes $1 to send another boy or girl to a Bible Club in their own neighborhood.

Together, let's see how many more boys and girls in India we can reach with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

You can count up the loose change and dollars in your suitcase and make a gift to Mission India in that amount at anytime!