Day 9 Hope for India

Chris' Journal

India: Day Nine

Today we travelled to the city of Vellore. On the way we stopped at a mountain that was over 1 mile high. The view from the top of the mountain was fantastic. India really is a beautiful land - the vast mountain ranges, the amazing landscapes, and the beautiful countryside.

There were many hairpin turns - but what caught my attention was some of the signs they had on the way up the mountain. They were hilarious!

  • If you want to stay married, divorce speed
  • You have only one head - wear helmet

But the funniest sign we saw was the last one. We were about halfway up the mountain when we came upon a sign that read:

  • You have been sufficiently warned

That just pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

One highlight of my day was meeting the church planters. It was great seeing the training. The thing that amazes me most is their dependence on prayer. They circle the village that they are going to evangelize and pray over the entire village. Then they visit every home in the village and ask if they can pray for each of the family members.

In India, prayer is a very important spiritual practice. Almost no one refuses prayer. This is how the Lord works - He works through prayer.

Going to church was awesome. The music was different, the language was different, and the people were different; but we were worshipping the same Jesus.

It really was inspirational to be worshipping alongside people that God has reached in incredible ways - like Guna, the former Hindu priest that came to Jesus Christ and was later ostracized by his own village.

This entire trip has taught me something - God really is the God of the whole world. I know that in my head and I was taught it throughout my life ... but being here ... seeing what I have seen - now I have experienced the truth of it.

God is our God and He wants to be India's God too.

We enjoyed an incredible time of fellowship together, and afterwards we were able to speak to some of the believers and take pictures - and we also had a man climb a tree and get coconuts for us. He climbed the entire thing and got the coconuts in one minute. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do that!

After church, we went to a pastor's house. What an incredible meal! He served us seven different courses ... and I have never been so full in all my life. In India, everyone is focused on hospitality and making you feel welcome. The food was spicy, but delicious!