Day 8 Hinduism 101

Roshan's Story

My name is Roshan.

I am 17 years old and I live in Uttar Pradesh, about 2 hours from India's capital city, New Delhi. My father supports our family of three kids on what he earns as a mason.

About two years ago I fell gravely ill. My parents didn't know what to do - the doctors gave me many kinds of medicine but nothing made me feel better.

Desperate, my father took me to various witch doctors. Each one demanded money, wine and livestock every time we visited, but their magical spells did not work on me.

A neighbor suggested we visit the home of Vivek, a local Christian who leads a Children's Bible Club. Vivek gladly prayed to Jesus for my health - I was completely healed!

My entire family received Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. We removed the idols from our house and we started attending church together.

That summer, Vivek invited me to teach the boys and girls at a Children's Bible Club. I attended a teacher training session, and then I began teaching the children as a Club leader. I loved to talk with them about Jesus and to pray for them.

But there weren't many other Christians in our village. Soon, the other men in the village began to taunt my father. They said, "You have committed a big mistake by accepting a low caste foreign God. Will the people accept your daughters for marriage when they grow up? If you want to mingle with us, you ought to first denounce Christianity. It's your choice - it's either us or your low caste God."

When Dad came home that night, I could tell that the words of his friends had troubled him. The next day, Dad sternly warned us, "Stop worshipping Jesus immediately. He isn't to be worshipped as God."

But my mom and I said, "We are not going to worship or accept any other god than Jesus."

Dad was very angry. He dragged my mom and me out into the street and began beating us severely. Within a few minutes, the villagers gathered in large numbers and watched. They yelled insults at my mother and me.

My dad stopped and said loudly, "Either denounce Christianity or worship the Hindu gods!" Mom and I both said, "No."

Dad kicked us out of his house.

Soon, Mom and I found refuge at a local church. But my dad filed a complaint with the police, claiming that my mom and I were forcing villagers to become Christians by bribing them with money and gifts.

The police arrested us, but during the interrogation they couldn't find any evidence to support my dad's accusations against us. Within a few hours, the police let us go.

My father still refuses to let us come home. I am working to help my mother provide for me and my two sisters. It's makes me sad to think that my own dad doesn't want to believe in Jesus, or that he cares more about what his friends say than being with his own family. But we are still praying for him every night.

Please pray that God will continue to meet all the needs of my family, and that my dad will turn his life over to Jesus.

Note: To protect the safety of Roshan and his family, we have changed his name and not used his picture.